Upgrading your Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga/Jamma to a Multi-Arcade Game

Instead of playing just one game in your cabinet you can now play all these.

If you currently own a working PacMan or MsPac or Galaga we can upgrade it to play 60 games.  Partially Working games can be upgraded as well.  We can upgrade many other games as well.  Give us a call with your game name and we'll let you know if it can be upgraded. 

This will save you $1500+ vs. buying a new multigame unit. 

Average turn-around time is just a couple of days.

The Flat Rate Upgrade to a working game includes the following:

  • Upgrading your single to 60 Games

  • Adjust/retrofit your current cabinet to accommodate the upgrade

  • Adjust current monitor.

  • Replace your old power supply with a new modern dependable power supply

  • Retrofit/add needed wiring

  • Replace/Add Correct Joystick(s) & Buttons when needed.

  • New Multicade Marquee installed or keep your original Marquees

  • 90 Day Warranty on all upgraded parts. 

Price:  $599

You can drop your game off to us 7 days a week and we will have it ready for you within just a few days.  If you'd prefer not to move the game yourself we are happy to pick up and redelivery your upgraded game back to you (Travel charge $75 each way).

Additional fees can apply if your game is not fully working to start with, or you would like a new monitor, artwork, etc.


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